PVSMART (Photovoltaic for Supporting the Market and for Advanced Research Testing)laboratory  of ENEA is  located in Portici near Naples in the Southern  Italy and  performs tests over flat PV modules both crystalline silicon made and  thin film type technologies.  It boasts to be  a centre of excellence for Photovoltaics and as National reference in this field it participates to National and European funded programs.


 The activity undertaken at PVSMART laboratory of CR ENEA in Portici aims to fulfil two main objectives:

  • to evaluate the quality of the modules,
  • to determine their degree of reliability and the life time.

 Standard techniques and laboratory based methodologies have been introduces for performing tests and diagnostic evaluation of commercial photovoltaic modules. The laboratory complies with the Standard  (CEI EN 61215 – Class. CEI 82-8 – CT 82 – “Crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for terrestrial applications-qualification of the project and type approval” -1997), equivalent to the European standard EN 61215: 1995-04 and to  the international standard IEC 1215 (1993) and with the Standard CEI EN 61646 ″Thin-film photovoltaic modules for terrestrial applications. Design qualification and type approval”, equivalent to the European standard EN 61646: 1997-01 and to the international standard “IEC 1646: 1996-11″

Below the tests performed  by the Laboratory are listed.

Diagnosis and evaluation of the quality of the modules Evaluation of reliability of photovoltaic components

Application form for testing photovoltaic modules

Responsible  of Laboratory (RL) Ing. Michele Pellegrino, Quality Manager (RQ) Ing. Arturo Matano.

 The Laboratory PVSMART participates to the network of  laboratories MESAP



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